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05 Apr 2018

AMTR Looks Back to Save Cash

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For shippers, getting goods to customers in a timely manner is of critical importance. The process is often so time-constrained that a “ship first and ask questions later” approach may be used. Diversions, reconsignments, contract renewal delays or simply shipping to a new destination can create questionable billing. The problem is, however, that such questions are rarely revisited, as the demands of the day are unrelenting. Because of this, the resulting bills are often inaccurate, yet still paid, in order to keep processes moving.

At AMTR, looking back in time is part of our SMART Auditing® process. Carriers are usually quite accommodating and fair in cases where past billing was inaccurate. AMTR takes the time to ask our clients’ questions and have incorrect bills corrected long after they are paid. AMTR is always committed to finding every opportunity to ensure our clients pay the lowest possible rate for freight, even when it means looking back in time.

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