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AMTR rail expert, Genie Grooms, took the opportunity to speak to Surface Transportation Board (STB) representatives at the recent National Association of Rail Shippers conference to express shipper concerns from the AMTR vantage point. The issues she discussed included: 1) customer service as it applies to invoicing and correcting freight bills, 2) placing shippers on credit hold for refunds (although prepaid terms remain unchanged), and 3) rate reasonableness with respect to newly published mileage scale rates that have seen drastic increases. These are concerns that seem to be plaguing many shippers without any immediate remedy by carriers. AMTR was impressed at the STB representatives’ willingness to listen and their genuine desire for feedback. We encourage shippers to take advantage of any similar opportunities when presented. The STB can help address shippers’ key concerns, but only if it is made aware of them.

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