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Curiosity is a well-researched human attribute that is getting a lot of attention in business circles lately. The Oxford Dictionary defines curiosity as “a strong desire to know or learn something.” The most recent issue of Harvard Business Review featured a sequence of articles on the topic. One of those articles focused on the benefits of hiring curious employees, which is especially relevant for our company and our business of auditing. We look for this trait in future employees and have found, similar to what is discussed in research, that our most successful auditors are curious by nature. At AMTR, curiosity fuels our audits. This human trait, combined with audit skill and knowledge makes SMART Auditing® possible. Our inquisitive auditors are always on the lookout for freight cost errors and are eager to investigate the complex scenarios that generate them. Not only does this allow for overcharges to be returned to our clients, but also lessons about what issues caused the errors in the first place. Don’t be satisfied with automated audit solutions that can only address the simplest of situations—be curious about what AMTR auditors can do for you!

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