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18 Oct 2018

Curious About Detention?

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Detention charges are an increasing factor in truck freight costs. The ELD implementation of last year allows carriers to be even more precise at recording and billing for detention time. As such, it is important to understand detention charges and their application. Detention charges can be identified in customer-specific tariff or contract pricing, a carrier’s public rules tariff or within a negotiated quote. It is common for truckload carriers to charge a flat rate per hour after the first two hours of detention. For LTL carriers, the practice varies. The start time of detention may depend on the size of the shipment, and charges will often be applied in 15 minute increments afterward. Shippers should be curious about the impacts of detention. Reducing detention time requires working with carriers, loading dock personnel, and receiving customers. Reducing detention costs requires an understanding of how those charges are applied and billed. AMTR truck freight auditors are experts in detention charges—let us help ensure your charges are correct!

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