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AMTR rail freight audits are different. We take the time to get to know our clients and their shipping routines. We dig deep into the details of the products shipped, the origin, destination, consignee, carrier…even the specific railcars used to move the freight. We approach every move with curiosity, asking questions such as: “What did this car actually do?”, “Is the rate correct?”, “Is the rate being charged reasonable?” We also ask questions about what is missing from the freight data. Even the best freight payables departments miss what AMTR audit experts can quickly identify, such as high volume lanes missing from contracts rates, contract rates that appear to be unused, and even whole classes of freight bills such as empty car movements, accessorials, and manual payments that are absent from the audit process. Let AMTR’s freight audit expertise add depth to your transportation knowledge and return overcharge monies to your bottom line.

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