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As Class I railroads continue to seek ways to more efficiently use resources by implementing new strategies, such as precision railroading, updates and modifications to pricing documents may occur. These changes, however, should not result in unfair rates for shippers. Shippers should be aware that such changes can likely lead to mistakes and unintended rate increases. Whether it is the removal of a rate from a specific tariff or the unintended omission of a regularly used shipping lane that leads to a shipper paying an unreasonably high mileage scale, AMTR is here to help shippers discover, track and correct these errors. AMTR has recently recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in unintended overcharges for clients that were the result of shipping lanes being “left out” of a railroad’s new pricing document. AMTR has been helping shippers through these types of industry changes for nearly 40 years. Our in-depth knowledge of our clients and their shipping routines allows us to discover unreasonable changes in rates, work with carriers to return overlooked rates to pricing, and ultimately recover overcharge monies for clients.

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