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As the transportation/supply chain industries are being transformed by advancing digital technologies and innovations, an important conversation still remains about the value of maintaining humans-in-the-loop in activities or processes where judgement and insight are critical. Not surprisingly, we see exponential increases in automation and artificial intelligence in our business of freight cost auditing. It is important to be reminded, however, audits performed with such technologies can only uncover what the software and algorithms tell them. Given the complexities involved with freight costs and billing, having a human-in-the-loop enabled by technology is still essential for a robust, in-depth audit. AMTR performs second and third audits behind automated systems all the time and never fails to find errors. At AMTR, having SMART, human auditors-in-the-loop sets us apart from the competition. Instead of using technology alone to “jet ski” your freight audits, the knowledgeable experts at AMTR do a “deep dive” to save you even more money.

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