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One of AMTR’s core values is to “seek knowledge always.” Even so, given the many recent changes in the railroad industry, we have stepped up our learning initiatives further to ensure the best audits for our clients. We have consciously worked to mix the long-term experience of our senior rail auditors with the fresh ideas and perspectives of our newer auditors and interns. We have also pursued advanced learning through webinars, live classes, online courses, conferences and more. These learning activities are undoubtedly expanding our knowledge and enabling more creative thinking, which we are channeling into finding more complex billing errors than ever before. Specifically, as we learn more about the technology tools and systems used by our clients and carriers, and as we continue to design and implement our own IT tools for auditing, we are discovering more and more how an overreliance on algorithms and “AI” alone is costing rail shippers thousands of dollars through overcharges and erroneous billings. With all of these learning initiatives, AMTR is better positioned than ever to recover the lost freight costs caused by tech challenges. The benefits of technology are undeniable, but it is the application of human knowledge that makes our audits SMART.

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