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Spring has officially sprung and temperatures are on the rise. This means it is time to be on the lookout for unnecessary freeze protect fees. Many carriers include guidelines stating the service is offered from October to April, so now is the time to confirm that these charges are not being billed erroneously. There are a few ways shippers can ensure they are being properly charged for such fees. First, shippers should be familiar with the carrier’s common practice rules tariff.  There may be several stipulations for when these fees do and do not apply—such as specific date parameters, freezing points and service types.  Secondly, they should be alert to any exceptions listed in a customer’s specific tariff or contract pricing with regard to fee waivers or modified stipulations.  Interestingly, AMTR experts have begun to see “season passes” for freeze protect service. The season pass approach is a flat fee to cover all charges for this service during a season. There is an important caution, however, related to this type of approach when using freight bill automation. AMTR often sees shipments billed but tied to the wrong account. In this case, the fee may still be inadvertently charged. AMTR SMART audit experts will make sure only the correct fees are paid every time.

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