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The Union Pacific has recently issued a new UP 1000 General Terms and Conditions Tariff effective March 1, 2019. The important change in this tariff involves a significantly shorter timeline for filing overcharge claims for regulated commodities–one year now rather than the three years previously allowed. The new tariff specifically states that this publication shall apply to all transportation services provided by UP under any rate document that references the new tariff. The significance for shippers of certain commodities involves the drastic decrease in time allowed to discover any errors (whether they are shipper or railroad errors) and recover overcharges. It is important to note, however, that shippers of commodities that remain under the protection of federal regulation will still have three years to recover overpayments. Significant changes such as this can easily be missed by busy shippers, but not by AMTR. Keeping abreast of industry news is our business—be Smart and let us do the hard thinking for you!

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