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With the deregulated trucking industry, it is important for shippers to stay informed and use their voices regarding proposed changes for the NMFC Rules and Classifications. The NMFTA hosts three public meetings per year where the CCSB considers proposals to amend the NMFC. Shippers should be aware that these proposals are listed in a Docket Bulletin, which is issued 30 days prior to a public meeting and posted on the NMFTA website. This announcement allows shippers and other interested parties to address the CCSB with information or concerns prior to or during a public meeting. Any decisions made at the meetings are documented on the NMFTA’s website and implemented in an NMFC Supplement. Shippers are highly encouraged to stay up-to-date on proposals and decisions that could affect their shipping classifications and rules via the NMFTA website: www.nmfta.org/pages/publicdocketfiles.

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